Concepts and Methods

[Introduction to the concepts behind the garden, and the methods being used. Links to pages about specific topics.]
[Composting, building composters, growing compost crops.]

[Using sod to create large scale compost containers, filling them with waste from a market.]

[Double digging, soil testing, amending, cover cropping to improve soil fertility and convert lawn to garden.]

[Different areas of the garden: demo beds, community beds, biointensive production beds, herbs/natives, food forest mini-orchard, compost area, greenhouse]

Operations & Data

[Top level description of garden operations.]
[Flatting, planting up seedlings, planting beds, tending beds, watering, germination watering, growing and harvesting cover crops, building compost piles, turning compost piles, harvesting and weighing produce, composting crop plants when they are done, amending beds again, planting again.]