Data Collection

The data we collect helps us determine crop yields, soil fertility, time to maturity for various crops, total yield of the garden, and other garden performance parameters. Our record keeping also helps us manage the process of improving the fertility of each bed, and supports our efforts to manage the use of our planting space efficiently.

Here's the information we're collecting currently:

    What's planted, when, and how many square feet of it went in.
    What's harvested, when, how many pounds of it.
    When a compost pile is built or sifted.
    When compost is added to a bed, and how many buckets were added.
    When amendments are applied to a bed.
    When a bed is dug, and whether it is single or double dug.

If you are one of our dedicated volunteers who is helping with data collection, you can submit information in any of the following ways:

    Send an e-mail to Jeff.
    Post a description to the Garden Blog.
    Add data to the on-line Activity Log file. 

Thanks for helping us collect the data that we need to manage the garden.