About Pacifica Gardens

Pacifica Gardens is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Pacifica, CA. The garden project, located at the Linda Mar School, 830 Rosita Road, is made possible by the combined efforts of many committed volunteers, local donors, and grant organizations.

The Pacifica Gardens mission is to


the community to grow food locally.

Pacifica Gardens Volunteers

A few of the many volunteers that make the garden possible.

The Garden Project

Pacifica Gardens currently has 42 vegetable/crop beds, 3 herb beds, 13 native plant/flower beds and 39 fruit trees. Volunteers grow and harvest 2,000-3,500 lbs. of food annually and create 20-30 cubic yards of compost in order to sustain that growth. 

The garden is enclosed in a fence and has its own agricultural well and watering system. In addition, our talented and resourceful volunteers reassembled two donated greenhouses, built a tool shed, and constructed a dozen composters from reclaimed lumber. 

Pacifica Gardens' flagship programs are its garden-based education field trips and food donation program. The education program hosts elementary school field trips from the local school district. The food donation program provides fresh organic produce to the Pacifica Resource Center, which serves families in need. We also offer educational opportunities for teens in our Youth Community Service program.

The garden participates with other community groups in events such as Earth Day, Great Sunflower Project Bee Counting, and the Pacifica Garden Club tour. Native plant and vegetable start sales are held throughout the year.

A Little History

What began as a dream of helping the community learn more about sustainable agriculture years ago has grown into a 30,000 square-foot garden due to the combined inspiration and efforts of committed individuals, the Livability Project, Pacifica’s Environmental Family, and the Pacifica School District.

Pacifica Gardens officially broke ground on April 12, 2008. Community volunteers joined the garden team and began de-sodding the soccer field at the Linda Mar Education Center. The “Sod Squad” worked tirelessly throughout the summer making extraordinary progress.

An official Ribbon Cutting ceremony took place on May 24, 2008. City dignitaries and school district officials joined garden volunteers and other members of the community in celebrating the grand opening of the garden.After that initial turning of soil, the garden continued to draw many volunteers and increasing community interest. A core of regular volunteers emerged from the community to grow the garden with their energy and love. The garden project reached out to the community and has become not only a place to grow food, but a hub of community engagement – by hosting events such as the First Annual Harvest Fundraiser Dinner, Earth Day activities, Plant Start sales, educational workshops, and elementary school field trips.

In the fall of 2014, Pacifica Gardens emerged from being a sponsored project of Pacifica's Environmental Family, to becoming its own independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Garden Milestones

Read a year-by-year account of Pacifica Garden’s progress -- harvest production, food donation amounts, garden expansion, community engagement, education programs, fundraisers, and more.

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