All of the work (and fun) at the garden is due to the efforts of our great crew of volunteers.

Every Saturday the list of things to do is a little different, but we're confident that if you like gardening, or want to learn about gardening, we can find something for you to do that you'll enjoy and that will contribute to the success of the garden.

Come for an hour, or stay for 4 or 5. Come when you can.

And leave with fresh produce! Often times volunteers reap the rewards of that day's harvest, taking home bags of super-fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

We've got a crew of dedicated regulars, and a lot of folks who drop in now and then. Our youngest volunteer (who is becoming a regular) is 2yrs old. I won't guess at the upper age of our volunteers.

If you're interested in regular involvement there are plenty of opportunities. We've got watering teams, a group of people who like to build things, a native plants effort, a thriving fruit orchard, ongoing work creating compost, and there's always planting, harvesting, and tending to the plants and soil.

There's also plenty of behind-the-scenes work, so if you want to contribute your effort and skills in some way other than "playing in the dirt", please contact us.